Sunday, May 9, 2010

Progressives have Lower Level of Economic Knowledge than Conservatives

In the May 2010 Issue of Econ Journal Watch, the results of a survey performed by Zogby International in 2008. The results (pdf) solidified the common sense and correctness of conservative economic policies. As reported by the progressive blog, Think Progress:

According to Zeljka Buturovic and Dan Klein, people who self-identify as “progressive” have low levels of economic knowledge whereas those who self-identify as “libertarian” or “very conservative” rank very highly. For reasons suggested by Tyler Cowen, I think that conclusion is nonsense. But I do think they have the goods on the fact that people who self-identify with the left have some trouble grasping the interplay of prices and supply restrictions.

If you look at radical liberals' and progressives' policies of high taxes and big government and how those policies affect our economy, you shouldn't be surprised at these results in the least. I'd suggest reading the primary literature - its primary purpose regarded education levels and knowledge of "Economic Enlightenment" in addition to ideology. There they concluded that college education doesn't increase your knowledge about the mechanics about the economy. h/t Gateway Pundit

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