Sunday, June 13, 2010

Moving to


I am transferring my blog to my new site at  Wordpress has a more flexible software (and I get a better URL).  I invite you to join me there - all old content will be available there as well as here.

Bad to the Bohn

Friday, June 11, 2010

Rules for Radicals

I'm starting to read "Rules for Radicals" by that 1960's radical SOB, Saul Alinsky.  Even on the first page, he shows his love for Marxism and also minimizes the true Holocaust when he inaccurately describes the actions of Senator Joseph McCarthy to rid the US of anti-American Communists as a "holocaust".  This should be a good read.

Then "Rules for Conservative Radicals" by Michael Patrick Leahy. From the description, Leahy takes Alinksy's secular tactics and combines it with moral principles. But first, I need to get through "Rules for Radicals" before moving onto the good stuff.

*To be updated*

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

SEIU Calling AZ Law racist

h/t Patch

Rosie O'Donnell Calls for Communism

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WARNING: You are about to read the Constitution of the United States

Yesterday, Glenn talked about a disclaimer that someone put on copies of the Constitution they're selling.  Discraceful.

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Barney Frank

Besides Barney Frank asking for more authority to do what they're planning on doing to the country, he was essentially lying and misleading about the Republicans' platform.  The GOP will:
  • Damage the environment
  • Limit quality healthcare availability
  • Damage financial sector by deregulating
  • Limit rights of workers to organize and bargain collectively
    • Yeah, I'm sure it's a shame the GOP isn't a collection of socialists
  • Allow discrimination
What a fool...

h/t Patch

Tea Party member attacked

The media won't believe Kenneth Gladney's story; hopefully this will get out there though.