Friday, June 4, 2010

Birthers = Tea Party, right? Wrong.

 This is something that's been in my drafts folder for a while.  Stu Burguiere posted a breakdown of an ABC poll.  His conclusion is that the Birther movement permeates all parties with a slight slant towards Republicans.

Let's break it down.  Based upon the poll:
  • 15% of Democrats are birthers.
  • 18% of Independents are birthers.
  • 31% of Republicans are birthers.
  • 34% of poll group are Democrats.
  • 38% of poll group are Independants.
  • 24% of poll group are Republicans.
Placing these into a probability tree:
  • 5.1% are D Birthers
  • 6.84% are I Birthers
  • 7.44% are R Birthers
For a grand total of 19.38% of the population.

Now to go backwards and find how this gets divided up among political group:
  • 26% of Birthers are Dem
  • 35% of Birthers are Ind
  • 38% of Birthers are Rep
So, yes, it's slightly more for Republicans, but the birther insanity permeates all groups.  Think of that the next time the mainstream media (or really anyone) label birthers as being a Tea Party phenomenon.

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